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We are TIO.

Since 2014 we have been redesigning dental products – environmentally friendly while also at the highest quality level of tooth care. To achieve this, we are constantly giving our all to advance as pioneers in the field of plant-based plastics. In order to strive for a healthy environment, healthy teeth and a healthy future, we have stuck to the following basic principles since day one...

For a healthy environment

For a healthy environment

Plants over plastic

The foundation of our dental care products are renewable, vegetable raw materials. This saves CO2 and you and many other people can brush up their carbon footprint ... with something we all do every day.

Preserving resources

When designing our products, we place great emphasis on minimal material usage and avoid unnecessary waste for example through newly invented packaging concepts to relieve our ecosystem.

For healthy teeth

For healthy teeth

Uncompromising quality

Through our close exchange with leading dentists, we guarantee you the best possible care – thanks to functional and effective design as well as durable and hygienic material properties

Wide range of care products

We want you to be able to care for your teeth exactly how you like AND protect the environment. Therefore we are constantly developing our range of products to provide you with all essential tools for the best possible dental care.

For a healthy future

Reforestation against the climate crisis

Although our products contribute to CO₂ reduction, according to the current standard of knowledge, nothing can combat global warming as effectively as reforestation. To help absorb even more CO₂ emissions, we support Plant-for-the-Planet on their mission to fight the climate crisis.