Welcome to TIO!

With our small Berlin-based Team and our plant-based dental products we want to make the world a little bit better. Sounds like lofty goals? And complicated? It is! But the fact that you’re here is motivation enough for us to continue our mission.

We believe in sustainable design.

TIO is more than just a toothbrush. With TIO we want to prove in our own way that pollution can be avoided. Because the sustainable redesign of an everyday object, such as a toothbrush, which billions of people use every day, can have a huge, positive impact on our environment.

The leading manufacturers of dental care seem to prefer investing their energy into developing unnecessary extra features to maximize profits rather than to worry about waste reduction and sustainability. That’s why we have decided to take a different path with TIO.

We are very happy about the products we have created already with a lot of effort and passion. But at the same time, through TIO we also want to set a fundamental precedent and inspire change. Because it proves that it’s worthwhile to question the status quo more often in order to come up with unexpected and more sustainable solutions.

Our path.

The two on the photo in bright white fine rib, this are us - Fabian and Benjamin the founders of TIO. Although we temporarily parted ways after our design studies, we stayed connected by a shared passion to question the status quo. Our goal as designers has always been fully understanding the big picture and creating better solutions based on it. And that’s exactly why we founded TIO in 2015 and developed our first toothbrush – with a replaceable head from day one.

By combining material research and resource-saving design, we have since been trying to achieve the best possible result for people and nature alike through our products. To be honest: That really wasn’t always easy. There are many hurdles you face along the way, that we would have never expected beforehand. It’s something we have experienced almost constantly.

Maybe because our natural materials have given us many sleepless nights, we’re all the more enthusiastic for each time we’ve beaten the odds and figured how to make it work. We’ll keep giving our absolute best to make sure you can scrub your teeth with TIO better and more sustainably in the future. Developing purposeful and ecological concepts is what drives us. And: It’s actually fun.

Good for earth and mankind.

Dental health is an important issue and everyone depends on reliable care products. We stand for the best possible dental cleaning, because having healthy teeth simply makes life better. Therefore, compromises regarding the quality of care are never an option for us. We focus on maximum hygiene and cleaning performance for all of our products.

And because we only have one planet Earth, and it’s even more irreplaceable than a tooth, we work closely with material researchers so that we can continue to choose the best possible plant-based alternatives to fossil plastics for each product. In addition, we place extreme emphasis on the highest standards of sustainable production and disposal.

To continue being able to guarantee all this in the future, we are happy to work a little harder to not have to satisfy interests of external investors. We want to stay independent, self-determined and remain as idealistic as we set out to be before the first TIO toothbrush ever was made. We sincerely thank you for your trust.